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Winter With Man’s Best Friend (Your Dog)

Winter With Man’s Best Friend (Your Dog)

Just like humans, dogs have seasonal complications. No matter what kind of dog you have, you will likely need to provide them with some sort of assistance as the weather gets cooler.

From dry skin to extra layers to allergies – dogs are more like us than you may think!

Dry Or Itchy Skin

Does your skin dry up as soon as the winter months begin? Your dog’s probably does too. Adding salmon or fish oil to your pup’s diet helps send that moisture to their hair follicles. Your companion is left with hydrated and refreshed skin! Many major healthy pet stores carry this oil, so just make sure you buy a formula specifically for pets as human fish oil is not safe for dog consumption.

Doggy Lotion

Similar to dry skin, dog paw pads also get dry and cracked. Luckily, there are many products out there to moisten your pup’s feet. Apply some sort of moisturizer, such as NaturVet’s Tender Foot cream, once a day at bedtime to give them some extra comfort. You can also use many of these lotions on other areas of your furry friend’s body (dry elbows and knees will likely benefit from the moisture).

Buy A Sweater Or Jacket

Many people think dog clothes are silly, but in some cases they’re necessary. If your dog is going to be outside for a long period of time or it’s very cold where you live, opt for some winter clothing. The same goes for rainy days, as leaving your dog with a damp coat for a long period of time can lead to illness. Consider dog boots if you live in snowy regions.

Stock Up On Vitamins

Your dog is likely to develop allergies during the winter and spring months, again, just like we do! Adding immunity supplements to your dog’s diet is a great preventative method for allergies. There are many options but feel free to check out BIXBI immunity powder or NaturVet’s Allergy Aid.


As the season changes, keep an eye on your dog for behavioral changes.  Consult your vet if you have any serious concerns.

Altering your pup’s diet with supplements work wonders for your dog’s health.

To learn how to help your pup all year round, take a peek to see if you know what’s in your dog’s food.

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