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Why Aren’t We Recycling…

Why Aren’t We Recycling…

As cities in the United States continue to grow every day we use more resources and increase our ecological footprint.

With our exponential growth, it’s shocking to learn that many studies indicate more than 50% of Americans don’t make a conscious effort to recycle. Why do we subconsciously put recycling on the back burner?

Below is a list of 5 of the most common reasons why American’s don’t make the commitment to recycle:

  1. We don’t care – it’s hard for us to force ourselves to recycle when we have no personal incentive to do so. Some surveys taken show that more than 70% of people asked said that they “just didn’t care that much” about recycling and the impact waste has on our environment.
  2. It’s not convenient – For many not recycling is as simple as not having the space to do so. Recycling requires added space many living in small apartments just don’t have. For others the option to recycle often isn’t immediately available so they just won’t do it.
  3. It can be confusing – A lack of education on what and how to recycle can be a hindrance for some. Many that don’t recycle site not being able to find easy to follow directions on how to separate and discard waste as the reason they aren’t better with their garbage.
  4. It doesn’t make a difference – It seems those save the earth commercials and political campaigns aren’t having the effect politicians would like them to have on the public. A study taken across several countries showed that many thought that not recycling wouldn’t affect them personally and that the environmental impacts of not recycling were often times overstated.
  5. It’s not required – Very few states and municipalities have laws requiring us to recycle our trash. Mandatory recycling laws in the European Union have proven to be an effective way to motivate people; countries like Austria and Germany typically boasting the highest recycling rates of any countries in the world.

So what can we do? Learn the facts, take the time, and put in a little bit of effort so that we can leave the planet in good shape for the next generations to come!

Interested in learning how eco-friendly you are? Take our fun environmental quiz and find out!

About Author: Noah

Noah is a Marketing Analytics Coordinator on Waypoint’s Marketing Team. His career in real estate began in commercial brokerage and he credits Waypoint with his growing appreciation for marketing. He is an avid Arizona sports fan, golfer, and lover of green tea.

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  1. Samantha

    there is only 1 like by me so feel happy.

  2. Mkrtich

    We try to be green, and like you recycle our crabdoard, paper, bottles & cans. With our house being so tiny it’s a pain but we know it’s doing good for our earth! I know we need to work harder at tit though!


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