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Waypoint Spotlight: Employee Profile

Waypoint Spotlight: Employee Profile

It takes a champ to work on our team here at Waypoint. That’s why we seek to employ the best of the best! Our professional field teams include a mix of devoted Property Managers, dedicated Renewal Coordinators, and operative Service Technicians, just to name a few. 

Let’s get to know one of our Waypoint Champions in Florida, our Renewal Coordinator, Crystal.

Q: How long have you worked for Waypoint Homes?

A: I was hired January 6, 2016, as a temp and Waypoint officially hired me June 20, 2016.

Q: What is the title of your position?

A: Renewal Coordinator. Although my primary position is a Renewal coordinator, I do assist my team members as well. I help collect and verify rent payments, process applications for new roommates, or generate roommate release forms when a roommate moves out.

Q: How long have you been in this particular position?

A: 1 year as a Renewal Coordinator. My experience also includes 10 years of property management in the apartment industry.

Q: What’s your typical day like?

  • Verify residents’ accounts are up to date
  • Check email, retrieve phone messages, and return phone calls
  • Follow up with residents who are close to renewal and send out appropriate documents to those who renew and don’t renew
  • When a resident accepts a renewal offer I generate the lease for them and await their signatures. If a resident does not sign, I will email a friendly reminder.
  • Help transfer residents if they would like to switch to another Waypoint Home
  • Process move outs. If a resident is moving out, I email them a form and a move-out checklist to help them with the move out process. When the move-out date is confirmed, I communicate the move-out date with the maintenance team so they can schedule a final walk through.
  • Generate the Early Termination Agreement for the resident to sign in the event they need to break a lease.
  • I also complete any administration work such as uploading renewals documents & insurance forms into our system.

Q: What is the most difficult task you deal with on a daily basis?

A: I would say anytime a resident is initially unsatisfied. I say this because sometimes they call and are upset due to a rent increase. It’s inevitable with the industry we’re in, especially due to market changes so I certainly sympathize with them. I have learned to listen and effectively research this information to truly find out if we have not taken care of their issues. In most cases, we have fixed the issues, so now I can focus on the renewal aspect and offer the best rate we can.

Residents with tough family stories or life experiences can present difficult scenarios as well. It gets tough when a resident shares they have lost their job, a family member is ill or has died, or the financial burden of an increase is more than they can handle. Again, I just listen and show compassion. I always advise I cannot make any promises, but I will request a price review for them. When I get a response about price, I call the resident back and inform them. I love that I get to provide a sense of relief. It’s very rewarding.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your role?

A: I love the feeling of being able to make a residents’ day. Sometimes a resident may be under the impression they may have to move out of their home due to a rent increase. Often times I am able to negotiate a better rate for them and they end up renewing their lease with us!

Q: What about yourself in this role would you like to improve?

A: I always feel there is room for improvement. I definitely need to learn Excel. That would help with efficiency in this role.

Q: What’s one thing you excel in within your role?

A: I try my best to listen to the residents’ concerns to gain their trust and help build a relationship with them. I also do my best to follow up with the resident when I tell them I will. I try to ensure every resident feels attended to.

Q: How many hours a week do you put in with this role?

A: 40 hours

Q: Why do you like working for Waypoint Homes?

A: I’m definitely a people person and the team I work with makes coming to work enjoyable as well as productive! We all have our own roles within the company but work together to achieve the same goal– satisfied residents, low delinquency, and high occupancy.

I love working with my manager, Rebeca, and enjoy working with everyone I have met at Waypoint. From the field technicians to the Vice President of Asset Management, everyone has just been great. I can truly say I feel valued and respected as a person and certainly as an employee. The upper management team is approachable and seems to care about their employees and asks for our input.

Working for Waypoint has allowed me to grow in my career– I’ve learned so much about the housing industry. I have always worked in a fast-paced environment (working for apartment communities of 650 to 821 apartments on site), but working for Waypoint is beyond fast-paced. You are always on the go. Overall, I like my job very much. I am definitely satisfied as an employee with Waypoint.

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  1. Chris Randolph

    Horrible service out of the aurora office. They are ignorant and not helpful. Always trying to blame mistakes on tentant and really it seems like they don’t know how to do there job!! I could get a half dozen other tentants to stand behind me on that also. Something needs to be done or you will start losing tenants.

    • waypointhomes

      Hi Chris,

      I am terribly sorry for your experience. We definitely would like to help so we can ensure you are situated. Would you mind sending your property address and a description of the issue to [email protected]?

      Once again, I truly am sorry for any inconveniences caused.

      Thank you,
      Waypoint Homes


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