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Want To Travel On A Budget?

Want To Travel On A Budget?

You want to get up, pack your bags, and travel. We get it! Your bank account doesn’t quite understand, which is why we’ve got you covered. Here are the best tips and tricks for how to travel on a budget this year.

Compare prices


Don’t limit yourself to searching for plane tickets directly from an airline website. There are third party websites willing to search deals for you. Try Priceline’s name your own price tool or even better, check out Travel Pirates. These websites along with others will ensure you find the BEST travel deals out there.

Clear Your Cookies


Have you ever searched for airplane tickets and noticed prices seem to go up every time you search for the same ticket? That’s because travel websites store cookies, small files on your computer, which track what you search. You can delete those files by going to your browser settings and clearing your cookies. Didn’t know this tip huh? Knowledge is power, friends. Delete those cookies!

 Travel Throughout The Week


 Traveling on the weekends is much more expensive than traveling throughout the weekdays. Try to purchase tickets Monday through Thursday if you can. Make sure to plan ahead and compare prices. You’re guaranteed to save more this way.

Avoid Staying At Hotels


If you’re on a budget, hotels are not the way to go. Traveling nowadays is much easier and inexpensive with sites such as Airbnb. People rent out their homes or a room for cheaper rates. If you’re feeling adventurous, try Couch Surfing. Stay with locals for free!

Take Buses And Trains


Plane tickets can get pretty pricey.  Avoid the hassle and hop on a bus or a train. It may take longer to get to your destination this way, but your pockets will be much happier. Don’t forget there are perks to traveling by bus and train. You get a chance to sight-see and meet tons of people on your journey.

Don’t give up so easily on traveling this year! Use these tips and tricks to find the best deals out there. Pack your bags because this is your year to travel the world!

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Sylvia is the new Content Editor at Waypoint Homes. Her passion for communications began in middle school where she would create and upload slideshows to YouTube. Sylvia loves to travel, eat Spanish food and dancing! Sylvia hopes to use all of her vacation time on planning new trips, visiting new countries and creating new experiences. When she is not doing all of the many activities above you can find her with her friends or hiking a mountain.

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