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Veggie Options For Any Celebration

Veggie Options For Any Celebration

We all have the friend with the special food request at every barbecue, gathering or holiday dinner. If you don’t, maybe YOU are the friend. Living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is pretty common these days. It can mean the world to a person if you make specific accommodations beforehand.  

If you are new to this lifestyle, check out these simple ways you can turn any dish option into a veggie option!

Veggie Meat Options


If this is unfamiliar territory, you may be wondering what vegans/vegetarians eat at barbecues, Thanksgiving, or any other celebrations. Thankfully, due to high demands of non-meat products, many of your local stores carry plant-based meat options.

MorningStar Farms sells vegan and vegetarian products such as Hickory BBQ Riblets, Maple Flavored Sausage Patties, Grillers Prime Burger Patties, and many others.  Your local Target also sells their own brand, Simply Balanced. This line includes products such as Meatless Turkey and Meatless Chicken. Tofurky is another great brand to use when you are not sure what to make for any of the winter holidays. Lastly, a trip to Trader Joe’s can never go wrong when looking for vegan meat products.

Veggie Dairy Options


Now that the meat/protein question is out of the way, let’s take it a step further. Once again, if you are new to this lifestyle, this section caters to our vegan friends. Vegans as opposed to Vegetarians, do not consume any dairy products or anything from animals.

Yet again, there are many options to try. For milk replacements, try using soy, rice, or nut milk to replace regular milk in any recipe. For dessert options, almond or coconut milk work wonderfully. If you are looking for cheese replacements, try vegan dairy brands like Vegan Gourmet Cheese and Tofutti.

Veggie Cooking Oil Options


At this point, you have the protein and dairy covered, but what you cook these items with is also important. Any oils you use cannot be animal based. Make sure to use cooking oils such as avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. If any of your recipes call for lard you can always use shortening as a vegetarian alternative.

Veggie Flavoring Options


Along with cooking oils food flavorings are also important.  If you are making a soup or cooking anything that calls for broth, always be sure to avoid animal-based broth such as beef or chicken broth. As an alternative, get creative with your spice rack for flavoring.  Another way to make sure your vegetarian friends don’t feel left out for celebrations, like football games, is to purchase vegan/vegetarian wings along with your favorite buffalo or barbecue dipping sauce. Everybody wins!

Veggie Dessert Options (no gelatin)


When it comes to desserts, anything goes as long as you have all of the above sections covered. Make sure to use soy, almond or coconut milk if your recipe calls for milk. One last important thing to remember is avoid any products with gelatin. Gelatin products are not vegetarian or vegan-friendly. For delicious vegan recipes take a look here.

Making accommodations for your vegetarian and vegan friends is not as difficult as you may think! All of your friends and loved ones will appreciate any food accommodations greatly.

For other food ideas check out Breakfast Items On The Go. Let us know what special vegetarian tips you may have!


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