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Useful Tips for Improving Your Resume

Useful Tips for Improving Your Resume

We know writing a resume – or even sprucing one up for that matter can be a very daunting task. Your resume is the first thing that gets you through an employer’s door. It’s also the last impression you leave on their desk after an interview.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help boost your image and help you land the job you’ve been working toward!

Be Concise

This may be the most important rule because nobody wants to sift through a wordy, multi-page dissertation describing yourself. Instead, create a powerful impact by being brief yet effective. Use concise language and formatting (i.e. bullet points, lists, short paragraphs) when defining your accomplishments, experience, and skills. Not only will your resume have a greater appeal to recruiters and employers, but it will also showcase your ability to communicate clearly and succinctly.

Make Sure Your Resume Follows a Theme


Whatever position you’re applying for, highlight your related credentials and competency by integrating key points throughout your resume. Example: You’re applying for an HR coordinator position, so you want to ensure you consistently emphasize your interpersonal and administrative skills in various ways, from top to bottom.

Include Keywords


It’s a good idea to study the job description of the position you’re applying for. This way, you can incorporate keywords into your resume. Additionally, be sure to utilize relevant verbiage common in the industry/field you’re applying to. Some employers utilize software to scan and analyze your resume for specific keywords to evaluate your knowledge of the position. Don’t leave them out!

Customize Your Resume to Fit Each Position You Apply for


Your summary can be used to hone in on the position you’re applying for. Keep it brief, but utilize this space to construct a few short sentences. These sentences can describe your skills and experience in such a way that fits the job description. Sometimes a resume can come across as too standard, making it bland and unordinary – so be sure to cater to the specific employer.

Quantify Your Past Accomplishments & Work Responsibilities


Numbers stand out. Hiring managers don’t want to just see you know how to implement marketing strategies, they want to know how much you increased sales from Year X to Year Y based on those strategies. Provide statistics in numerical form to really pack a punch with your work experience.

Congratulations! You’re a step closer to the perfect resume. What other strategies have you tried to land your dream job? Let us know!

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