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Turn Your Home Into a Gym

Turn Your Home Into a Gym

Want to work out but can’t seem to make it to the gym? There are endless alternatives to going to the gym.  Keep reading for these fun and creative ways you can turn your home into a gym!




Forget the Stairmaster! Transform your staircase into the ultimate workout machine. Try running up and down the stairs for a great lower-body workout, guaranteed to make you sweat! Need an extra challenge? Throw in a 10 lb dumbbell and you’ve got yourself a killer routine.

Jump Rope


It’s affordable and burns way more calories than you think! Jump roping can be used to spice up your day-to-day workout routine. Go through a round of 20 counts to start and adjust as needed. You will certainly get your heart rate pumping here. Cardio = fat burner.

Resistance Bands




Resistance bands are cost effective and can be used for full body workouts. No need to leave the comfort of your living room when you can work out your muscles right at home. Start small and work your way up, especially in terms of repetitions and the types of bands you use.

Workout Videos



If you want to try something different, at home workout videos might be for you!  Workout videos such as Insanity and P90x just might change your mind about the way in which you exercise.

Chairs and Couches



Your furniture can also serve the same purpose as a gym. Try using chairs and couches to do ab workouts, lunges, and squats. Check out the Home Exercises Instagram page for more ways to use these items!




No treadmill? No problem! Take a run through your neighborhood and enjoy an outdoor workout. You’ll get a glimpse of glorious sights and a breath of fresh air.

Getting fit doesn’t mean you’re enslaved to the gym. You can get a great workout in the comfort of your own home with these at-home workout ideas!

Let us know which ones you’ve tried this year. If you’re looking for a change in diet and lifestyle, check out 8 Ways to Kick-Start Your Metabolism.

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