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Travel More, Carry Less

Travel More, Carry Less

Are you tired of paying to check in your luggage? Do you tend to over-pack? Don’t worry, we ALL do it. It can get a little tricky at times, so we’ve got the best tips on how to avoid the hassle and travel with a light load– a carry-on!

Maximize Your Space


Utilize every space. The goal is to make the impossible, possible. If you have multiple shoes, try packing toiletries, small purses, or any other miscellaneous items in your footwear. You’ll exercise additional space this way. For the ultimate traveler, roll clothing items on top, in between, and over each other for an organized look. This could quite possibly be one of the best use of space in your carry-on.

Pants First


If jeans are a part of your wardrobe, pack those first, but ONLY the waistband. Other remaining clothing items can be packed on top of that. Once everything is in, fold the legs of your pants over the stack. Voila! You’ve got yourself an organized pile here.

Travel-Sized Items


Purchase all toiletries in travel sizes. Take a quick trip to Target, Walmart, or any other stores for little knick-knacks to store in your carry-on. Now you can pack these inside your shoes to maximize space inside your bag as well.

Use Your Resources


You’re usually allowed one personal item and one carry-on. You can use a personal bag/purse for all your important documents and electronics. Laptops, for example, can go in here. Designate your carry-on as the main area for your clothes. Clothes are easier to move around, so do your best to pack as many clothing items in your carry-on alone for easier maneuvering.

There you have it, folks! Traveling can be made simple with your trusty carry-on. For other noteworthy travel tips, check out how you can Travel On A Budget.

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