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Tips For Outdoor Trips With Your Dog

Tips For Outdoor Trips With Your Dog

Hiking is such a fun activity with many positive benefits. It’s easy to prepare for a trek when it is just you, but bringing your furry pal along adds a little extra planning to the trip. I have listed some tips below on how to better prepare for long or overnight treks with your dog.

Gear up 

Depending on how intense of a hike you are taking, it may come in handy to pick up some gear for your dog. This could be a backpack, cooling vest, and/or collapsible dog bowl. The backpack helps take the load off yourself and allows your four-legged friend to help carry some of the weight on long or overnight trips. The cooling vest is great during those hot summers to keep your buddy safe from heat exhaustion. For some nice options on gear check out this website.

Doggy Bag

It’s a given that your pal is going to need to do his “business” on the trail. Having a doggy bag to pick up and a way to dispose of it is an important part of keeping the trails clean for other hikers.

Avoid dangerous plants 

If you decide to let your dog off his/her leash, it’s extremely important to be able to recognize dangerous plants and how to handle the situation if you or your dog come into contact with them. Here’s a great guide on how to recognize plants.


It’s important to remember that you are not just bringing water for yourself. Make sure to bring plenty of water for you and your dog. This is where the gear could be helpful with some extra space for water. I always tend to bring along way more than necessary. Better safe than sorry.

Now that you are better prepared for your journey, check out our article here for some great vacation spots for you and your dog!

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