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Tips For Finding Your Dream Rental Home

Tips For Finding Your Dream Rental Home

The process of finding a rental home can take a lot of time, so Waypoint Homes has been dedicated to providing you with a list of tips that can help you find the best rental to call your own.

Determine your budget

Before you begin your search, determine your budget. Take into consideration your payments, where you spend more money. Generally speaking, it is recommended that most people do not spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing costs.

Keep in mind, that in your budget you will need to include expenses such as electricity, gas, cable, internet, and parking, among others. In addition there are expenses to furnish your new home. For example, you might have to buy new curtains, patio furniture, home accessories and more.

Think about the features you are looking for

Besides thinking about the basics like how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want in your new rental home. Ask yourself if there are other “nice to have” features versus essential features:

  • Patio or terrace?
  • Fireplace?
  • A pool?
  • Do you want a full bathroom or bathroom with a shower?

Consider commitments: Would you move to a smaller place? Would you sacrifice a yard for a park near your new home?

Start searching

The best houses, in terms of price, location, and amenities, are going fast. Do not wait too long to start looking. It is good to start looking at least 60 days before the date you have to move, especially if you are looking for a rental house.

Make a map

Take into consideration the geographic locations where you spend most of your time. Check which places are available in that area. Take into consideration, your itinerary, which neighborhoods are close to your work or that you guide daily or weekly. What do you do on weekends? Would you like to live near those places that you tend to visit or closer to work? If your work schedule requires you to work into the late hours, are there stores and pharmacies open during the hours you need to make purchases? 

Hang Out

Spend a morning in one of the neighborhoods you are considering as part of your search. How is the traffic in this area? If you work from home, are there services that are convenient for you such as coffee shops or shared workspaces?


If choosing a rental home in a specific school district is important, evaluate school districts to eliminate certain neighborhoods from your list.

Choose the type of rental house you want to live in

This step will depend on how long a contract you want to have and how large of space you need. Depending on the area and your needs, you can rent a wide variety of home types.


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