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Moving Made Easy: Summer Edition

Moving Made Easy: Summer Edition

Moving in the summer. Some love it. Some hate it. Many have no choice.

On the upside, kids are out of school. On the downside, it’s likely more expensive and We’ve compiled a list of tips ‘n tricks to make your summer move as manageable as possible.

Days ‘n Times

Book your movers and supplies in advance:

Get quotes from 3-4 movers to ensure availability and the best deal. It’s a busy season, you won’t want to be going from store to store trying to find more packing tape or bigger boxes.

Time of the Week & Month:

Like most things, moving in the middle of the week will be cheaper than the weekends, as weekends are more convenient for most. If possible, also move in the middle of the month versus the more popular beginning and end.

Time of the year:

Trying to avoid crowds & sold out moving truck companies? Avoid Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend of July. They’re the first and second busiest moving days of the year, respectively.

Time of the day:

Start early or late; avoid the mid day sun.

Don’t Forget

Carefully pack your meltables:

This mean candles, frozen and refrigerated foods, and electronics. These items could end up sitting in a hot moving van longer than expected. Empty your refrigerator & freezer prior to moving – one less thing to keep cool during the move. Carry all other items that can’t take the heat with you. Tip: Remember to check with your moving company as well; they may not allow some items you’re comfortable risking.

Stay hydrated:

Plan for lots of water – at least 64 ounces per person that is moving. (It’s nice to bring your extra water for your moving team too!)

Kids & Pets:

If possible, make arrangements for your children and pets during moving day; you’ll have one less thing to keep track of and avoid stepping on.

Air Conditioning:

Seems like a no brainer in the summer, but make sure you remember to have it on at both ends of the move, while also being prepared for doors to be left open for long periods of time.

Dress Accordingly:

Today’s not about fashion; it’s about comfort and safety. Wear light, breathable clothes that don’t hang to avoid getting caught on furniture edges while your hands are full. Wear comfortable shoes like sneakers that are closed-toe and attach to your feet to avoid tripping.

Download & Print Our Moving Day Kit to make sure you’re prepared!

Already moved in? Check out these unpacking tips.

Do you have more tips that we missed? We want to hear them!

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