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4 Ways To Stylize Your Bathroom

4 Ways To Stylize Your Bathroom

 You have your bedroom, kitchen, and your living room ready. Even your entryway’s been taken care of. How ‘bout we send some love over to the bathroom, shall we? Check out 4 simple ways you can stylize your bathroom.

Pick a Theme


It all starts here. The secret to a well-decorated bathroom is to pinpoint your ‘story’. A clear theme is helpful. Start by organizing your color patterns, fixtures, and placement to capture a neat and well-thought-out space. The easiest way to do this is to pick items you can readily find in your local home décor stores.

Less is More


A given for any kind of room! Always start with minimal items and build up if you need to. Stay away from over the top designs if you’re going for a simplistic look. On the other hand, we welcome a quirky piece if you choose to use it as an accent. You can customize the less is more approach by adding in more neutral colors. This helps to tame any extravagant pieces you decide to keep.

Think Practical


Design and aesthetic definitely make their way into the mix but functionality takes a front seat. The perfect bathroom makeover must include the perfect staples. Look into warm and fuzzy towels, perfectly sized soap dispensers or even cute knickknacks like an elegant toilet paper rack. Check out this piece we’re loving from Target. Great style always comes with practicality.

Be Open to Coordination


If you’re stuck on where to begin, look no further than the closest room to the bathroom. This goes along with picking the proper theme. It makes sense to follow the same stylistic designs as the preceding room. If you’re struggling with the guest bathroom vision, simply coordinate with your guest bedroom! Pick out small, yet noticeable items you wish to highlight and incorporate that into your bathroom sprucing. If a pale blue from the accent wall in the bedroom tickles your fancy, add that little flare to the bathroom. Subtly complementing your pieces with one another certainly takes the interior design element a step further.

Take a few if not all tips into account and you’ve got yourself a cute, sensible and beautifully decorated bathroom. Check that off your complete home makeover list!

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