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Dishing Up with St. Vincent de Paul

Dishing Up with St. Vincent de Paul

Colony American Homes is encouraging our residents & employees alike to get involved in the local community. We’ve created the Colony Cares Blog Series to showcase our employees giving back.

Hear from Jessica Holtzen & Shauna Davies who volunteered at St. Vincent de Paul in Meza, AZ.

By Jessica Holtzen & Shauna Davies,


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Jessica & Shauna

Tell us about the event?

We went to St. Vincent De Paul in Mesa, AZ and volunteered in the dining room. First, we prepared the dining area by setting out silverware and napkins, organizing the donations, and stocking food and materials. Then, we served guests from the morning through lunch. After serving, we wiped down the tables and appliances, and stored the leftover food.

Who does the food bank benefit?

St. Vincent de Paul helps the homeless and less fortunate in the area by giving them a dependable source of food. With access to such food sources, these people can remain healthier, which may have a positive effect on the amount of stress felt by government healthcare providers. For some people, resources such as the food bank are the boost they need to start making productive changes in their life. It may help them meet new people and build positive relationships.

St. Vincent de Paul also benefits those who are more fortunate by giving them an opportunity to give back to their local community. It helps build camaraderie with members of your own community, and a positive attitude is contagious!

How many meals did you serve?

We helped prepare as well as unload deliveries. When all was said and done, we served close to 300 plates of food.

Why did you choose to volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul?

We were looking for an opportunity to help the community in a hands-on fashion. Actually seeing the people we were helping face-to-face made the experience more gratifying.

What was the best part about volunteering?

Observing the amazing spirit and passion of the regular volunteers was very uplifting. Seeing how much they contribute was humbling because it made us feel that we should do more to help our own communities. The older ladies were hilarious!

If you’re interested in giving back in the Phoenix area, fill out your information on their website.

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