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Spruce Up Your Home This Summer

Spruce Up Your Home This Summer

It’s summer loving! The breeze, the sunshine, and that summer freedom! What a time to indulge in all things crafty, aesthetic, and inspirational. We’re starting with the perfect summer home improvement list for all you DIY-ers. Take a look for the ultimate way to spruce up your home this summer!

Trim up your spruces


Nothing says “hello, summer” like a trimmed, lush yard full of bright petals and green leaves. Take a weekend to root out any dead or unsightly plant matter and replace it with new growth. Create a focal point for your project – like tidy hedges or a vibrant flower garden – to help you stay on track during your landscaping rendezvous.

Dive In & Clean Up


A clean pool is a “must” for the warmer months – especially on those hot summer days. Nothing is more invigorating, and not to mention more refreshing than an afternoon swim. Spend time at the beginning of the season to skim, vacuum, deep clean, and chlorinate your pool.  Maintaining it for the rest of the summer can be as breezy as the summer days!

Brighten Up Your Space


There’s no better time than summertime to bring some color to your home! Opt for vivid colors, patterns, and prints that will accent your space while adding a distinctive flair to the room. Items like curtains, throw pillows, rugs, and decorative knickknacks will quickly bring life and a bright summer energy into your home! Snip your budget in half by scouring thrift stores and garage sales for one-of-a-kind pieces. These will complement your space with an eclectic (maybe even vintage) touch!

Spice Up the Curb Appeal


Make the most of your outdoor space with a refreshing alcove. Curl up with a book or treat your friends to a barbecue in a cozy outdoor space featuring outdoor decorations and practical, but stylish, furniture. Stay in your budget by frequenting garage sales and online classifieds for the patio. You want to aim for ones you can repaint or reupholster. If you already have patio furniture in place, dust it off and add flair with decorative pillows and DIY décor. For an aesthetic bonus, incorporate outdoor lightings such as lanterns and rope lights.

If you’re still not feeling the inspiration, check out this project you can tackle indoors!


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