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Puppy Proof Your Rental in 5 Easy Steps

Puppy Proof Your Rental in 5 Easy Steps

Congratulations on the new pup! Now, the million dollar question, have you puppy proofed your home yet? If the answer is no, you’re in luck! Here is a list of the best puppy proofing tips.

Get On Your Puppy’s level


Take a walk through your puppy’s paws. The world is much smaller from this perspective and there are tons of  dangerous items you may not have noticed for your little special ones. Puppy-proof your home by removing any items your tiny ones can chew on or eat.

Entrances And Exits


Your little one is new to the world and very curious. Check to make sure all doors and windows that lead to the outdoors are closed. Also, ensure all doors and windows are closed to any “off-limit” areas inside your home as well. You can also use baby gates for staircases to keep your four-legged friends safe and create a safer environment inside your home.



Make sure to keep electrical cords out of reach and out of the way from your puppy. This will prevent any damage to cords from chewing and most importantly can protect your puppy from electric shock. Inspect any cords you have and make sure to unplug items you are not using.

Fire and Water


 Sometimes we forget about the common areas in our home, which can also pose safety threats to your little, loved ones. Be sure to add screens to fireplaces and wood stoves to protect your puppy as well.

It’s also easy to forget about items such as toilets and pools. Make sure to close doors and secure the pool area to prevent any accidents. In the process of learning, puppies may drink out of toilet bowls. Make sure to keep any toilet bowl cleaners out of sight in case of ingestion.

Hazardous Items Out Of Reach


Make sure to remove access to hazardous items. Keep laundry detergents and any other chemical cleaners out of reach. Although certain items may not be dangerous to your kids, family, or friends, these items can prove to be unsafe for your little puppy. Keep your loved one safe by keeping these products in a special storage room or by locking cabinet doors containing these items.

Puppies are some of the best additions to any family. Be sure to keep them safe with these tips and tricks. For more helpful pet tips, check out Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer.

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