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13 Hacks for Organizing Your Favorite Room

13 Hacks for Organizing Your Favorite Room

Love your things over and over again. Take a look at our simple, yet handy organization hacks and begin using ‘this for that’! 13 handy hacks for organizing your favorite room.

Your Kitchen

Think twice before you throw away some of your everyday household items – they can be used as clever and handy organization hacks for your kitchen!

1. Tissue Box to Storage Container

hacks for organizing grocery bags

Don’t be so quick to throw your tissue boxes away! They’re great storage containers for your used plastic grocery bags!

2. Flower Pot to Utensil Holder

hacks for organizing kitchen utensils


Sadly, your flowers have probably died but you still have that cute pot that you were obsessing over! Upcycle it and use as a utensil holder!

3. Shoe Organizer to Pantry

hacks for organizing the kitchen

Hang your old shoe organizer on the back of your pantry door, and sore your snacks and packaged food!

4. Curtain Rod to Lid Storage

hacks for organizing pans

Put that old curtain rod to use, and use it to store your pots and pan lids!

5. Lazy Susan to Spice Rack

hacks for organizing spices

Easily locate your spices by placing a lazy Susan in your cupboard!

Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to hoarding excess things. From half empty lotion bottles, to loose q-tips – it’s easy for little things to pile up and clutter the limited space there is.

6. Silverware Divider to Drawer Organizer

hacks for organizing the bathroom

Easily organize your drawers with silverware dividers. Separate items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and hairbrushes.

7. Candle Holders to Makeup Brush Container

hacks for organizing makeup

Turn your candle holders into containers for your makeup brushes! Decorate with fun paper and voila!

8. Wine Rack to Towel Storage

Wrap towels up and store in a wine rack on the floor. Check out how The Budget Decorator created lots of space and organized her bathroom with this trick!

9. Plastic Containers to Best Friend

Stackable plastic containers are your best friend when it comes to bathroom storage. Label each box with either the owner’s name, by the contents inside, or both! Some common labels you can start with are: Dental, hair, Travel Samples, Swabs & Tissues, Shave, Oils and Lotions, Hair, etc.

Your Room

10. Ice Cube Trays to Earring Storage

hacks for organizing earrings

Always losing your earrings? Easily separate & store them in ice cube trays!

11. Wine Bottles for Tall Boots

hacks for organizing boots

Don’t let your boots fall over in your closet. Easily stand them up using empty wine bottles.

12. Desk to Bedside Table

hacks for organizing the bedroom

Limited on space in your room? Use your desk as your bedside table as well!

13. Dessert Stand to Perfume or Cologne Display

Ran out of cupcakes and cookies, but still have that cute stand? Turn it into a display for your perfume and cologne! See how Dazzle n’ Sparkle arranged theirs!

What other hacks have changed your life? Submit your photos via social media and we could feature you in our next hack-blog!



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