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How To Organize Your Pantry

How To Organize Your Pantry

Your pantry is the MVP of the kitchen. It stores anything from food to drinks, to the random jugs of distilled vinegar you’ve accumulated over the months. Clutter suits no one, which is why we’re here to help you get your pantry in order. Here are our top 4 tips to get your pantry organized.

Let’s Start With The Basics


To establish some order in your culinary life, try separating your shelves so you find like-items in one section. Group your boxed dinners, cereals, and your packaged goods in one spot. Organization means you are able to see the items you own. Once this is complete, you’ll find it gets easier to maintain.

Make Items Accessible


When it comes to your pantry, treat it like you would your living room. Usually, everything in that room is often out in the open, to the point where you can spot all items you need. It’s easier to spot the T.V. remote, or even the coasters, right? Apply that same mentality to your pantry. Place Tupperware, rolls of paper towel or paper cups and plates in a location you can quickly grab and go. When your kitchen items are accessible, it helps keep the cooking and cleaning process simpler.

Back Where It Belongs


A concept I am still grasping—but put everything back where it belongs! This is usually how clutter gets the best of us. You see the longevity of an organized nook when you make the effort to maintain what you’ve created. When you reach for the box of your favorite cereal, do yourself a favor and stick that little guy back in the same spot. If you continue this habit, you’ll find yourself getting into a routine and eventually, you’ll just build a habit of doing this. Repetition usually never fails us.

 Keep It Clean


Clean environments make for organized environments. Make the time to thoroughly clean your pantry often so you can rid yourself of unnecessary items. In my own home, I’ve found items I no longer need or use while doing this. It’s the perfect time to toss out the mess and keep a systematic structure. Has anyone ever not benefitted from a clean pantry? We didn’t think so.

Like most things, keeping your pantry organized does take some time. It may take a few tries to figure out how you want to categorize a few things, but at least you’re making the first steps! Once you complete this project, take your skills to the rest of your kitchen!

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