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Workplace 101: Organize Your Workspace

Workplace 101: Organize Your Workspace

We need to have a talk. And yes, it’s about that three-day-old snack wrapper shoved into the drawer beside your desk, right next to those scattered papers you swore you’d get to later. We can also chat about your overflowing document organizer that’s two shelves short of a workplace hazard.

Oh, and it’s time to restock that empty desk caddy in the corner because sifting through papers for a pen just isn’t fun when you’re in a hurry. In need of some quick tips to get your workspace organized? We’ve got you covered.

Start with the basics – Let’s purge


Working in a cluttered, shambolic workspace never did anyone any good. It’s time to sort through the stray papers, sticky notes, and random objects you find around your desk (Is it a cup? Is it a strange modern desk accessory?) and throw out what you don’t need. Designate a box for any items you need to take home, like old coffee mugs or a forgotten lunch bag.

Organize your desktop


No, not your computer. We’re talking about the actual top of your desk, where most of the clutter lingers. We recommend having two different document organizers for all the spur-of-the-moment paperwork gracing your workspace. Use one for new documents you haven’t had a chance to look at yet, and the other organizer for stuff you’ve already looked through. Better yet, if you have a filing-style drawer in your desk area, utilize that space for creating alphabetical folders for important paperwork.

Compartmentalize the leftovers


Create a home for everything in and around your workspace by designating specific drawers/containers/shelves for objects of similar likeness. Allocate a space exclusively for the stuff you bring into the office every day – your coat, bag, lunch, keys, etc. Use a jar or container for things like lip balm and hand cream. Keep your electronics and cords tidy with individual bags or zip ties, placed into a drawer selected for electronics.

Keep the clutter to a minimum


Unless you’re one of those creative minds who thrives in a messy workspace, keeping your work area orderly is key to productivity. Ensure your workspace is clear of distractions by tidying up at the end of each week. Take home all your leftover coffee mugs or stray silverware as well. You can test the tidiness of your desk by designating an open space near your dominant hand. If you can easily place a full sheet of paper to write on, you’re in good shape!

It doesn’t take much to take back your workspace. Start small if you need to; subtle changes make a difference.

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