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Organize Your Kitchen and Cabinet Space

Organize Your Kitchen and Cabinet Space

Whether you’re moving into a new home or sticking to your New Year’s resolution of organizing your space, keep these helpful tips in mind when clearing out the clutter in your kitchen.

Categorize Foods with Crafty Containers


When organizing your pantry, group similar foods together. This helps avoid the clutter and frustration of wasting time hunting down a specific ingredient. Using clear containers for dry ingredients such as pasta, sugar or flour, not only makes items easier to find, but also adds a clean and modern aesthetic to the space.

Show Off Your Storage


For kitchens with limited cupboard or pantry space, consider storing items in plain view for a contemporary, eclectic twist. A hanging pots and pans rack can give your space the feel of a chef’s kitchen, while freeing up precious cupboard space. Likewise, hanging your favorite mugs on hooks secured either to the wall or the underside of cupboards, provides easy access and a fun way to show off your style.

Stack it High


What cabinets may lack for in space, you can easily make up for in height with simple shelves. By using a Lazy Susan for smaller items like spices and stackable shelves for larger items like cookware, you can maximize your space to fit everything and then some. You can even add shelves to your kitchen walls for more space and décor.

De-clutter Your Counters


We all have that one area where everything ends up. You know – the place where we plop down our keys, bags, and mail when we walk through the front door. Often times, that space is our kitchen counter. Take back your counter space by hanging all the basics on your walls. Mount a hook panel for things like bags and coats, a file organizer for mail, and a stylish cork board for to-do lists and calendars.

Try out these helpful tips and let us know which ones work best for you!

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