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Make Your Home Ready for Summer

Make Your Home Ready for Summer

With temperatures heating up and summer quickly approaching use these maintenance tips to make sure your home is ready for summer.

1. Replace AC filters

replace air filters in the summer

Keep clean air circulating through your house when it heats up this year. Dirty air filters can make your AC unit less efficient and add extra dollars to your electric bill. It’s recommended that you replace your filter once every 30 days to keep your AC running at maximum efficiency.

2. Lawn & Yard Maintenance

keep your lawn healthy in the summer

Summer weather can be hard on your lawn. Simple things like letting your grass grow a little longer and limiting foot traffic can help encourage growth that tolerates the heat. It’s also a good idea to sharpen the blades on your mower before taking it to the turf. Sharp blades keep your lawn trims neat and help grass repair itself properly.

3. Check your appliances

routinely check your kitchen appliances, especially in the summer

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Make sure your kitchen appliances stay in good form this summer. Standard maintenance checks like cleaning your refrigerator coils and checking your appliance seals for air leaks can go a long way in ensuring you spot major issues before they start.

4. Pest control 

keep on top of routine pest control during the summer

Pest proof to keep annoying bugs out of your home. Get rid of standing water, seal any cracks around windows or doors, give your countertops a good cleaning, and tidy up your pantry. Keep an organic home pesticide on hand so you’ll be prepared in the event a pest problem does arise.

5. Clean gutters and downspouts

clean out your gutters in the summer

Get your gutters ready for summer rain. Debris and build-up from spring/fall can clog your gutters causing permanent damage to your roof. Get a high-pressured nozzle for your hose so you’re prepared for the task.

How are you making your home summer-ready?

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