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All You Need Is Love… And A Pet!

All You Need Is Love… And A Pet!

Before I start, I have to say I have always been an animal lover. I have always had a pet, having had a total of seven dogs, two hamsters, and many fish along the way. I also worked in the pet health industry for two years!

Right now, my world revolves around my adorable mystery breed, Aurora (the one pictured above). I’m sure you all have complete adoration for your pets as well. Having that wagging tail greet you when you walk through the door after a bad day can turn your mood around. Plus, not to mention always having a cuddle buddy! Dogs truly are our best friends and they offer so much!


They’re good for your health

Did you know pets can lower your blood pressure and cortisol levels? It’s true! Pets contribute to your health! Bonus points – petting an animal can trigger release hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, contributing to your glorious good mood. But wait, there’s more. Cat and dog owners are also less likely to die of a cardiac related disease because of their furry friends. Now there’s some good news.


Pets are active and love to go on adventures (unless you have a cat, but that’s okay). Horse and dog lovers know those long walks or runs make exercise fun! Having that extra set of feet with you not only keeps you motivated but also keeps you entertained.

Great company

I don’t know about you, but playing with my dog is another way to put me in a great mood. Seeing her run around is not only funny but it’s a great way for you to bond! Always take a few minutes out of your day to play fetch with your dog, watch your fish swim or move a laser pointer around with your cat companion.

Medical assistance

Those with major medical disabilities have found it helpful to have a service animal around to get them through their days. Many people use service animals to remind them to take medication, to alarm them when their blood sugar is low or high or to respond to a seizure. Pets can also get you through depression by giving you someone to talk to, to care for and to make you feel better about your days.

They help you meet new people

Classic movie scene – a couple meets at the dog park and falls in love. True love story right? Don’t worry, if that’s not for you, know that having a pet is also a great way to meet and make new friends too! Those with pets in common are more likely to talk to one another because it’s an instant bond. So next time you’re out for a fun day at the park, try to strike up a conversation with another pet owner! Just make sure you’re sticking to good dog park etiquette.


Honestly, I can go on and on about how amazing pets are and will always encourage someone to get one! From my experience, they are life changing in the best way possible. Plus, there are so many other benefits to owning a pet that I didn’t even list! You can see them on Pet WebMD here.

If you already have your four-legged or any legged companion, check out some treats to hand over here!

About Author: Casey

Casey Edwards is the Online Reputation Coordinator and has a background in Social Media and Marketing communications. She has lived all over the west coast, in Northern California, Oregon, and Arizona. She is an animal lover, Disney nerd, and Beatles fanatic. Though Casey is an Arizona State alum, she is a huge Oregon Ducks and Michigan Wolverines fan. You can find her on any weekend during the fall watching every football game possible.

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