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Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Everyday Slacker

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Everyday Slacker

There’s occasional last minute shopping for the holidays and THEN there is standing at the check out line hoping you’ll make it to your holiday party on time.

Whether you’re pressed for time or running out of ideas, we’ve gathered some of the best ones to help you through your gift crisis!


Gift Ideas

Why not give the gift of a subscription. Not only is purchasing a subscription a great gift, it is also thoughtful. Amazon Prime, Dollar Shave Club, Netflix, Moviepass, or local museum memberships are some of the subscriptions you can purchase. Not a single soul will know this amazing gift was a last minute purchase.


Gift Ideas

You can never go wrong with food! You can always purchase a box of someone’s favorite pastries or sweets. If you have the time, bake a batch of your famous cookies, or cook one of your famous dishes. For those on a time crunch, toss ingredients for your favorite pastry in a cute jar. This is sweet AND simple!


Gift Ideas

If you’re not sure what to gift, planners are always a great choice. You can give one to the practical person in your life, or someone who could use a little more planning. There are so many stylish and fun options out there.      

Memory Inspired

Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a last minute gift with more of a personal touch, look into memory-inspired ones.  Frame your recipient’s favorite photo or create an album with your favorite pictures with this person. You can even create a memory album with movie stubs or concert tickets! Take all of the items you have saved and put them in an album. Customize with text or meaningful dates.

DIY Gifts (For The Crafty Person)

Gift Ideas

DIY gifts are simple yet the most meaningful. You can take pride knowing you worked hard to personally handcraft a gift. Try making lip balm lockets, watercolor portraits, a necklace, or a handmade candle. You can even craft something silly like putting money inside a Kleenex box for a white elephant holiday party at work (or inside a piñata for extra fun)!

For more holiday gift ideas, check out Give Meaningful Gifts. Share your favorite last minute holiday ideas in the comments below!

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