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How To Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean

How To Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean

Did you know February is National Pet Dental Month? While it’s a great time to learn how to protect your furry friend’s teeth, it’s essential to their health to keep up with oral care year round. Let’s get started!

Teeth Brushing

Yes, just like you, your pet needs their teeth brushed. While it may seem like a difficult task, it’s worth the effort! Visit your local pet store to find toothpaste and a toothbrush specifically made for your type of pet. You want the brush to be small enough to fit in their mouth, but large enough so you can hold it in place. If you can recruit someone to help you, this will make your job much easier! Have one person hold the pet, then with one hand open their mouth and start brushing from back to front. We recommend choosing one or two days per week to brush your pet’s teeth and keep them on a routine schedule.

If your dog is hesitant to the idea of teeth brushing, you can get them started with just chewing on the toothbrush. With this method, apply toothpaste, and place the brush at the back of their mouth and let them gently gnaw on the brush. Once they adjust to this, you’re able to start full mouth brushing.


Food/Water Additives

There are many supplements you can add to your pet’s food to promote a healthy mouth. PlaqueOff is one of many. This is a kelp-based powder that goes directly onto your pet’s food once a day. As your furry child chews his or her food, the powder will rub against their teeth and clean simultaneously. There is also an available human-grade version of PlaqueOff should you decide to join in the fun!

Another option is to add Tropiclean’s Fresh Breath supplement to your pet’s water. It prevents tartar and plaque buildup daily– they won’t even know they’re drinking it!

Dental Chews

This is an area you want to be very careful when treating your pet. Unfortunately, many companies falsely advertise the benefits of their dental chews. Due to the ingredients, they do more harm than good and will actually cause plaque and tartar to build up. In addition, they can cause severe stomach/digestive issues and can be fatal. Some basic ingredients to avoid are corn, soy, wheat, gluten and any by-product.

However, there are many healthy alternative choices for dental chews! Elk horns/antlers are awesome and the most natural choice you can make. You can buy these at many pet food stores or even on Amazon. While your dog chews, the elk horn will soften and the friction will help shave off plaque and tartar. Another trick is to soak the elk horn overnight in sodium free chicken or beef broth. We only suggest elk horns for adult pups, as it can be too rough for dogs with baby teeth. And don’t worry, these horns naturally fall off elk during their shedding season so no animal cruelty is involved!

If your pet does not enjoy elk horns, there are some healthier dental chew options. Tropiclean and Zuke’s are great places to start. Though these seem like a treat, you want to only feed your pet these chews about 2-3 times per week. Keep an eye on the ingredients for items your dog may be allergic to. If you’re not sure what to check for, read through our blog on healthy pet food!


As with any sort of pet care routine, it’s best to get started at an early age if possible! This allows your pet to become accustomed to foreign objects. You can do all of these dental routine options at the same time, but if you are going to choose one, brushing is the most essential. Pet teeth usually tend to deteriorate with age, so always ensure your vet checks out their teeth at each check-up!

Do you have a furry companion? Share their picture in the comments below and let us know how you keep up with their dental health!

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