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4 Ways To Inspire Creativity

4 Ways To Inspire Creativity

Each season brings us a chance to reflect, try a new hobby, visit a new town or even delight in a new dish.

Summer is one of my personal favorites because we often free up our time for grand adventures! It’s also an excellent time to get inspired and amp up the creativity. Here’s a list of 4 simple ways you can tap into that creativity this summer season.

Try Something New


The best way you can step outside your comfort zone is to try an exciting, fun, new hobby. Pick up a photography class, sign up for a race, or take a cooking class for a dose of inspiration. You work long 40 hour weeks (some even more), so try to give yourself a breather with something you’ll love!

Take A Drive


I’ve found taking an occasional drive here and there can help get the creative juices flowing! Here, you’re able to make mental to-do lists, set goals, and take your mind off stressful day-to-day thoughts. Your drive doesn’t necessarily have to be far, or have a precise destination, but it can be just enough time to get you motivated to complete your next task. Try a simple 10-minute drive this weekend around your neighborhood. You’ll hopefully feel a sense of peace and feel better about the day. Creativity can resonate at any moment.

Get Back In The Workout Game


Fitness often escapes us. It’s easy to forget we need to make this a priority because we get pulled left and right at work, for family functions, or for social gatherings. Stimulate your mind this summer and get back to your active life. The gym doesn’t have to be the only place to get your fitness on. Keep in mind you can also include minutes of training at home.


creativityJournaling might be one of the best ways to inspire creativity this summer. There are no rules. You can write down goals, thoughts, quotes, recipes, you name it– in order to get your imagination pumping. There are countless of journaling guides to help if you find yourself struggling with this. Some even list prompts to help you get started. Check out Amazon for affordable finds here.

Getting creative can mean something different for every person–it’s up to you to find out what works! If you have any other inspiring ideas, share with us!

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