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How to Style a Bookshelf

How to Style a Bookshelf

Bookshelves; everyone has them but not all are assembled correctly. Jammed or crammed with various knick-knacks and thrown in books, an unorganized bookshelf can be all it takes to bring a 10-rated room to less than a 5. Here are 10 pointers to keep your bookshelf in tip-top shape!

Use a blank canvas to start.

start with an empty bookshelf before you decorate itBefore you begin decorating, completely empty your shelves so you’re starting with a blank canvas. This is also a good time to go through your things and decide what’s worth keeping and what you can do without.

Keep it Relatable. 

keep the items in the bookshelf relateable


Once you have your “keep” items, organize them into categories. For example, books with baskets or boxes. Art with knick-knacks, and plants with pottery.

Go from big to small. 

display books in a bookshelf from big to small

Place your biggest items first.

Add depth. 

add depth to your bookshelf

In addition to starting with the biggest items, also keep in mind adding depth. Meaning stacking your items from the back to front as well.

Add Varying Heights. 

add varying heights to your bookshelf

Keep your shelves interesting by having various heights throughout.

Two for One. 

use your knick knacks as book ends for your bookshelf

Your vases, pottery, knick knacks or framed pictures can also double as bookends. Avoid clutter, and incorporate where you can!

 Use Your Books.

organize your books on your bookshelf

What’s a bookshelf without books? Use your books as visual interests, and place from large to small, or even stack horizontally. Horizontal books can also be used as platforms for other objects!

Color Coordinate.

color coordinate your bookshelf

Keep things organized and aesthetically pleasing by color coordinating your items and books.

Dress Up the Back.

add color or wallpaper to your bookshelfGive your bookshelf an upgrade and add a pop of color by painting the back wall of the shelves. Or, get even more creative and add fun wallpaper!

Do You.

kaboompics.com_Abstract shelf full of multicolored booksExpress yourself with your bookshelf! Add pieces of art, souvenirs from trips, treasures from adventures, or pictures of friend and family.


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