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How to Create Your Perfect Oasis at Home

How to Create Your Perfect Oasis at Home

Crafting the perfect oasis in your home is a daunting task, however, there are simple workarounds to get you by.

Whether you’re working with limited space or even a limited budget, there are ways to bring your dream space to fruition. These tactful tricks will help you create your relaxing and functional space today!

Start with your vision


It’s no secret we’ve been given the easy way out — the Internet. Use it! Pinterest is easily accessible in this day and age, therefore, we’re apt to search, pin, save, and execute with ease. Create your boards to help discover which elements you’d like to see in your ‘oasis’. If you’re drawn to certain color palettes and styles, establish these features first as it makes the process much easier. It also helps to define the methods in which you choose to create said oasis.

Set a budget


Here’s where practicality comes in. If your income does not allot, try not to go overboard (remember we still want to have enough to fund those rent bills). No further explanation needed here, but take into account other expenses so you can understand how you will be able to achieve the perfect room.

Start small


This is hard for me as well so we can learn together. It’s great to understand too as it goes alongside tip number 2. Often times, when you’ve identified your vision and decide what you want, you may go overboard. Purchasing that swanky, colorful rug or even that beautifully crafted pendant fixture simultaneously isn’t always necessary. Slow your roll so you’re able to execute tasteful pieces — and more importantly, not hurt your wallet. Focus on one room of the house or even one section to help alleviate stress. You don’t want your home to represent that of an insane furniture explosion. It takes some time to create meaningful pieces so definitely take your time.

Complement your palette


This isn’t a make or break rule, but I do think it helps. Find colors that are either subtle and soothing or contain pops of creative and tasteful colors. Try to stay clear of including the entire rainbow in your collection (unless that’s your style). Lately, I have found an appreciation for gray-toned living rooms with mild accent colors to really jazz up the space. This is definitely more on the minimalist side, but cater to what makes you comfortable.

Think ‘longevity’ and ‘quality’


Look for pieces that last a long time. Also, try to incorporate pieces that add structure and depth to your home. Once you’ve incorporated these elements you can rest assured you’re contributing to a well-furnished home. The best example I can give specifically to living room decor is to ensure you have your perfect couch. Once you get that out of the way, it’s easier to execute the rest. For kitchens, look for great bar stools.

Try any of these tips to help you craft your dream oasis and share your favorites!

What are some of your clever tips to get the ultimate model home look?

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