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Enjoy The Holidays Without Breaking The Bank

Enjoy The Holidays Without Breaking The Bank

The holidays are right around the corner. Feeling the stress?  You’re probably wondering how you’re going to have enough money for the season AND enough to splurge on fun activities. We’ve gathered the best holiday activities to help you stay within your budget. Let’s get to it!

 Light Displays


The holidays are prime time for activities with light displays. It doesn’t matter what town you’re in because you can always find these. Enjoy a breath of fresh air with a significant other or friends and admire the beautiful, flashing lights? Win-win. It’s an activity sure to give you all the ‘holiday feels’ while making sure the insides of your wallet remain intact.

 Ice Skating


 If you’re looking for some action-packed adventure, why not try ice-skating? Nothing screams the perfect holiday season than ice-skating, and luckily it won’t break the bank. Try indoor ice-skating or check out local outdoor ice skating rinks in your area. You’re guaranteed to have some fun on a budget here.



Festivals are a great way to unwind and window shop for the season. Enjoy a nice stroll with friends and family, enjoy great local food, and peruse booths for potential gifts. Festivals are a great way to enjoy the fall weather without having to spend tons of money.



If you’re not into the festival scene, here’s another option for you. Try checking out your town’s local parades. There are many great parade options including some Thanksgiving and light show parades. Check out Eventbrite for all local events in your area! A local parade is guaranteed to help you save some holiday cash.

 Snow Sledding


Looking for something a little more adventurous than ice-skating? How about hitting the slopes on a sled or a tube? You’re guaranteed thrill and adventure, all while saving some hard-earned cash.

There are tons of great holiday activities that won’t break the bank. Try some of these ideas or let us know what your favorites are!

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Sylvia is the new Content Editor at Waypoint Homes. Her passion for communications began in middle school where she would create and upload slideshows to YouTube. Sylvia loves to travel, eat Spanish food and dancing! Sylvia hopes to use all of her vacation time on planning new trips, visiting new countries and creating new experiences. When she is not doing all of the many activities above you can find her with her friends or hiking a mountain.

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