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The Perfect Holiday CD Ornament

The Perfect Holiday CD Ornament

If you love the holidays as much as we do, you’ll understand our obsession with these DIY holiday CD ornaments.

It’s the perfect time of year to start your holiday crafts and you’ll want to start off with this easy ornament. You can place these ornaments on a tree or in a decorative bowl to help winterize your home!

Materials Needed:

  • Glass ornaments
  • CDs (silver underneath)
  • Ribbon
  • Wire Cutters or Kitchen Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Paper

First, cut your CDs into different shapes and sizes. A helpful tip: make sure to use a sharp pair of scissors to cut through the CD. Be careful when cutting your CDs! We recommend cutting the bigger pieces into smaller ones so it’s easier to maneuver.



Next, place your CD pieces onto the paper, ensuring you have the reflective side of the CD facing down. Separate your pieces as needed on the paper. Now comes the fun.

Coat your glass ornament with the glue. We decided to work one side at a time in efforts to keep the glue from drying as fast. After this step, you’ll quickly want to roll your ornament on the CD pieces making sure to get the entire side covered. You may have a few gaps in between your ornament. Continue to glue on the mosaic pieces until the entire ornament is covered.



Once you have finished gluing all the pieces to your ornament, place a few ribbons inside the ornament. This will ensure the glue on the ornament is not visible.


You’re all set! You’ve officially embarked on the holiday spirit in a simple, creative fashion. It’s always a great holiday craft idea you can share with family and friends or even when you just want to get rid of those old soundtracks. It’s fun, easy, and looks great!

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