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History of Our 5 Favorite Summer Cocktails

History of Our 5 Favorite Summer Cocktails

What’s the best season to have a refreshing cocktail by the pool? You guessed it, summer. I chose 5 refreshing summer favorites and did a little research. Don’t worry, recipe links included!

Mai Tai 

The Mai Tai is a cocktail that was designed to feature rum in a sweet, delicious way. “Mai Tai!” literally translates to “The best! Out of this world!” Although this drink’s roots are somewhat disputed, it is said to have been invented in California by Victor J. Bergeron at his bar Trader Vic’s. Rumor has it that he put together this concoction for some friends visiting from Tahiti. One of the friends yelled “Mai Tai!” and coined the term for this staple of a Tiki party. Try the recipe here.


The Mojito is another rum-based beverage, BUT it includes, wait for it…MINT (that’s one flavor that’ll cool you down on a sizzling summer day). This beverage hails all the way from Cuba and legend has it that this was Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drink, we all know that he knew how to have a great adventure! Try the recipe here.

Mint Julep 

Here’s another minty beverage, the Mint Julep. This is a bourbon-based cocktail with a splash of “Southern Hospitality.” This cocktail is said to have originated from the wealthy in the American South. Find the recipe for this high society delight here.

Tom Collins 

Time to switch it up a bit for the Gin lovers! The Tom Collins is a gin-based beverage with a greatly debated history. There have been arguments since the late 1800’s on whether this cocktail originated in the United States or England. All we know is this gin and sparkling lemonade duo cools us down in the summer sun! Try the recipe here.


Did somebody say tequila? Because who doesn’t love a good Margarita? This staple of the summer is said to have originated from Carlos “Danny” Herrera at his restaurant, Rancho La Gloria in Mexico. The Margarita then made its way north to San Diego, CA and into the hearts of anyone looking to cool out and relax on the sand! Try the recipe here.

Did we miss any of your favorite summer cocktails? Let us know what they are in the comments below!

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