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Here’s How You Can Avoid Rental Scams

Here’s How You Can Avoid Rental Scams

Real estate scams are becoming more and more prevalent across the US.  Here at Waypoint Homes, we want to provide you with the perfect place to call home and help ensure you don’t fall victim to these types of scams. 


Please ensure the following when hunting for any rental home:

  1. The home is currently showing as available on or on the official website of the rental company.
  2. If you have the option to schedule a showing, please ensure that you schedule through No matter the company, ensure you are going to their official website.
  3. You have completed your application and lease online via At Waypoint Homes we do not use paper leases.
  4. All move-in funds are either paid via our online resident portal or in person at our local office. Make sure you are not transferring money directly to people you have never met. If you are doing it online make sure it is through a legitimate website.
  5. Be sure you are in communication with someone using a email address. If you are going through another company ensure the people you are in communication with have official company email addresses.
  6. We do not participate in rent to own programs. Be sure to do your research and find out if the company you will be renting through participates in these programs to avoid any scams.
  7. Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns always call the rental company’s customer service line. It is always better to double check.

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