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So You Want To Run A Half Marathon?

So You Want To Run A Half Marathon?

It’s never too late to tackle any kind of goal. Needless to say, we’re certainly here for all fitness related ones! A couple of years ago, I caught the brave bug and decided to sign up for a half marathon.

Although this goal might be extreme for some, it was definitely the most rewarding for me! If you’re yearning to get out and take a stab at a light 13-mile jog, keep reading. You might find some helpful tips for your next race. Let’s dive in.

Get a Training Buddy

Half Marathon

When I tell you this makes a difference—you better believe it. A running buddy is the best way to kick start your way to the finish line. It helps to train with someone with the same goals as you. Trust me when I say consistent motivation can be hard to come by. This is where your partner steps in. You can discuss best practices, techniques, and encourage one another. My favorite part about having a running partner is pushing each other, competitively of course. There leaves little room for quitting when you see someone else pass you up.

Introduce 1-2 miles at a Time

Half Marathon

Take it one week at a time. I slowly increased my miles by 1 to 2 intervals biweekly. Start with what you feel the most comfortable with. It had been ages since I had run a full mile so I knew I needed to start with just that. I reached 3 miles in no time and took it from there. You can also track your progress with a planner or any other running app. This helped with motivation as well. When you see yourself improve, it gives you that much more of a drive to continue.

One Goal at a Time

Half Marathon

Disclaimer—don’t expect to run 10 miles on your first day. It happens. There was definitely a time I tried running said 10 (miles) in a matter of weeks, and boy was I wrong. Try setting smaller, attainable goals. Pick one to focus on. Whether it’s your speed or distance, when you achieve one of the minor goals, you feel that much more accomplished.

Incorporate Other Workouts

Half Marathon

Try switching up your routine so you’re not bored. Take up a fun spin class, or a calming yoga session to really loosen up those muscles. Stretching becomes far more important during your weekly runs. It’s important to remain loose so you’re equipped to knock out the half marathon.

Music Makes You Lose Control

Half Marathon

By far my favorite tip through this entire process! Some of the best tips in training for races, much less your first half marathon, include music. If this is important to you, take some time and select the best tunes for your grooves. I worked tirelessly on my distance, but I’d have to say I put in a good amount of effort crafting the perfect playlist. It definitely paid off come race day! Throw in any favorites to make your training days fun.

Running a half marathon certainly takes some time, patience, and drive. If that doesn’t suit your style, don’t worry, there are PLENTY of other activities to get your active lifestyle started. Check out a few races taking place later in the year here!

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