A Simple Guide To Renting A Home From Waypoint

A Simple Guide To Renting A Home From Waypoint

So you’ve just moved into a rental home and are all settled in…now, what do you do? We have the 411 on getting through your lease and possible renewal smoothly. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions! We’re here to help you with this guide to renting.

Complete Your Move-in Inspection

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At the time of move-in, your Property Manager will provide you with a move-in inspection to fill out. Take your time to thoroughly walk through your new home and note any damages for our maintenance team to address. Be sure to take clear photos of each issue and provide those to your local team. Keep all of these records on file for your move-out inspection. At the time of your move-out, we will compare your move-in inspection to your move-out inspection. You may be charged for something that was not noted on your move-in inspection, which is why it’s important to be detailed.

Read The Welcome Packet

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Your Move-In Coordinator should provide you with our Welcome Packet. Don’t worry, if you did not receive it or misplaced it you can always find it on our website here. This packet will go over your lease in detail but in a more relaxed tone. You should be able to find all your questions answered!

Set-up Your Smart Home

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If you chose to utilize our SmartHome technology, be sure to activate it right away. To do so, contact your local office for your login information. Once you’ve been provided that, you can see all of the remaining steps in our Resident SmartHome Management Guide.

Pay Rent On Time

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After you pay your first month’s rent via certified funds, you will be able to pay rent on our Resident Portal, located on our website’s main page under “Residents”. The portal will always show you your outstanding balance, including any late fees, utility charges, or other outstanding charges. You are able to pay via this avenue as long as your rent is on time. After the 5th of the month, you will not be able to use the Resident Portal and will need to pay by certified funds. If you do pay rent late, late fees will apply and can lead to eviction.

Clean And Maintain Your Home 

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First and foremost, make sure you know what your resident responsibilities are when it comes to maintenance. There are many things you can do throughout your home to keep it clean and well-maintained. Some of these items include replacing your air filter once a month, mowing your lawn regularly, cleaning debris from your pool, and preventing pest infestations. If you feel that there is a problem that needs to be addressed by our Maintenance Department, you can schedule a service through our maintenance portal, by clicking “Request Service” and logging in. Take a look at our Maintenance Portal User Guide. If your repair is an emergency or you would like to schedule by phone, feel free to give us a call at (888) 330-4969.

*If you feel like you are in danger or are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911 before calling our Maintenance staff.

Renew Your Lease On Time

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Per your rental agreement, you are required to provide us a 60-day notice to move or stay in your home. Ninety or more days prior to this date, you will be provided with renewal rental rates from your local team. There will be a date on the notice in which you need to accept the new rates, and if you choose to move forward, we will provide you with a new lease. We do not require you to pay an additional security deposit or other fees during your renewal period.

Submit Your Notice To Vacate On Time

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As previously mentioned, a 60-day notice is required to move or stay in your home. If you are choosing to not renew your lease, you must submit this notice in writing to your local office. In this letter, include the date you are moving out and a forwarding address. If you do not submit this information in the required time, you will be charged a fee. Be sure to schedule a move-out inspection at this time.

Complete Your Move-out Inspection

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In order to make the most of your security deposit, you will want to adequately clean your home. A checklist of what to complete can be found on pages 17-19 of the Welcome Packet. When your move-out inspection occurs, the inspector will be looking at each item on this list. Per your lease, the home must be in the same or better condition than it was at move-in.

The move-out inspection is the final part of your move-out and any cleaning or remediation done to your home after the inspection will not count towards your move-out inspection. You will be provided with a letter which will provide the balance due, if any, on your account shortly after the inspection takes place. If you do not owe a balance, you will still be provided with a letter. Your move-out costs/outstanding balance will be deducted from your security deposit with any remaining money returned to you via check to the forwarding address you provided.

Disputing Move-out Charges

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You are allowed to dispute your move out charges within 15-days of receiving your letter and itemized list of charges. This dispute must be mailed to your local office, and we suggest providing any proof or receipts to back up your claim. It is not guaranteed that your dispute will be accepted. To find out your local office’s address, please visit our website here.

Have questions? Give us a call at (855) 224-5484 or visit the Resident Resources tab on our blog for more information!

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