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Giving Back for a Child’s Birthday

Giving Back for a Child’s Birthday

This September, Colony American Homes is encouraging our residents & employees alike to get involved in the local community by giving back. We’ve created the Colony Cares Blog Series to showcase our employees giving back. Stay tuned as we post more stories each week.

This week, we hear from Vikki on her involvement with a project called, “Birthday Buddies” through The Phoenix Children’s Project.

By Vikki G.,

Scottsdale, AZ Office

I recently got involved with an organization called The Phoenix Children’s Project. The Phoenix Children’s Project is an organization that sponsors children from low-income families (under $9,000 annual salary) during birthdays, holidays and special occasions throughout the year.

A few months before I became involved with The Phoenix Children’s Project, I had experienced a loss. I was in the process of adopting a beautiful little girl but, unfortunately, her birth mom decided that she didn’t want to go through with the adoption after all.  Layla’s 1st birthday was coming up so my good friend signed me up with a birthday buddy through The Phoenix Children’s Project because she knew I was really down about Layla’s birthday approaching.

Giving Back, Volunteer, Birthday Buddies

Vikki, her sister & nephew.

My friends convinced me to go with them to meet our birthday buddy, so I agreed. The joy on this little person’s face really made my heart full, the feeling is indescribable. Our gifts to her were so simple but to her they were everything. This feeling motivated us to get involved with collecting items for Easter and I also decided to sponsor a child for my birthday instead of receiving birthday gifts.

Giving Back, Volunteer, Birthday Buddies

Vikki and her mother.

Giving back goes beyond the items that you donate; giving back is a way to help make a difference in someone else’s life. In these last few months, I have really reevaluated my life. I’ve learned that I can do more and I want to do more. My journey to give back has just started…… Thank you, Layla.

If you’d like to find a birthday buddy, visit

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