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Summer Clean…And The Living’s Easy

Summer Clean…And The Living’s Easy

Get out your bins, trash bags, and recycling cans. It’s time for the ultimate summer clean up.

We’re talking bedrooms, closets, and more. Stuck on how to get started on the chaos? We’re here to help you combat the clutter with 5 easy tips.

Target One Room At A Time

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You’re asking for the ultimate beat-down if you don’t establish organization before tackling the mess. If you want the smoothest transition possible, try attacking your items one room at a time. The easiest place to start is often the smallest room in your home. If you have a loft or an office, designate a box for random finds, trash, and other miscellaneous items. Mark your boxes accordingly so you can ensure you don’t get them mixed up with other objects.

Donate If You Can

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The idea here is to avoid being wasteful. When it comes time for the summer clean, get excited because here’s your chance to donate. Get rid of old clothes or even new ones you never see yourself wearing. Now’s your chance to gather your items and take to your local donation center. If you can’t make use of it, I can guarantee you someone else will.

Give Yourself  A Break

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We want to stay clear of any situations that cause stress. Summer cleaning can certainly cause occasional freak-outs if you’re not weary of the task at hand. Do your best and give yourself ample time for breaks. These don’t have to be long, hour breaks, but 20 minutes here and there will do your body and mind some good. Set a timer if you have to so you don’t go overboard with the rest periods.

Set Time Limits

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While you’ve had some time for your breaks, remember you’re wanting to get these tasks done sooner rather than later. Set specific goals and limits for when you’re in the process of your summer clean mode. If one entire weekend is needed, dedicate the time so you can move on to your next room. Work smarter and harder with end goals in mind.

Make It Fun

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Music, music, and more music. Music helps! Crank up the tunes while you clean. It helps make the time go by faster and makes the process easier as well. Any of your favorites can easily take your mind off the daunting, summer cleaning tasks.

You’ll definitely take a load off your back once you complete this hefty summer chore. Maintaining all your hard work over the months is also a task within itself so keep up the good work.

If you’re looking for other tips and tricks, feel free to peruse our other organizational hacks. How do you tackle your summer cleaning list?


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