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DIY Pebble Placemat

DIY Pebble Placemat

Looking for a quick, fun and creative project to spice up your kitchen? You’re in luck! I happened to find a simple, yet original way to piece together a DIY pebble placemat.   We can thank Pinterest for this! It took no more than an hour, and was a real crowd pleaser.


All items can be found at your local craft store. Here’s what you’ll need: 

DIY Pebble Placemat

  • A few stacks of brown felt (I purchased 3)
  • A plate of your choice
  • A marker
  • A pair of scissors
  • A hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Pebble stones
  • First, place the plate on 3 stacks of brown felt. Use your marker to trace out a circular piece.

    DIY Pebble Placemat

    Second, cut out those pieces, and begin hot gluing them together. I felt 3 made for a sturdier foundation, but definitely use your best judgment here.

    DIY Pebble Placemat

    Your next step is to place and arrange the pebble stones on the brown felt. It helps to do this so you have an idea of how your stones are going to lay. It also gives you an opportunity to fit the stones more closely together. I will admit; I skipped arranging the stones first, and wished I didn’t, so I encourage you to include this step.

    DIY Pebble Placemat

    After you’ve arranged your pebble stones, you can begin hot gluing the stones back into place on the brown felt.

    For my first try, I’d say it came out pretty well! You can set hot plates, bowls, and even pans on this little guy.

    DIy Pebble Placemat

    Need a dish to test out your new creation? How about our delicious butternut squash soup?

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