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DIY Projects For The Home

DIY Projects For The Home

DIY projects are fun to start on your own or with friends and family. Whether you’re a crafty person or you’re looking for something new to do, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these simple tasks you can recreate in your own home. 



Coasters are always fun to change throughout the year– it can also be an easy DIY project for your home. You can make your very own seasonal coasters. Check out our blog to see how you can make your coasters in a couple of easy steps.

Cable Organizer


You can never have enough electronic device chargers lying around the house. Do yourself a favor and create a space where you can organize them. Here is a quick and simple DIY project you can use to keep track of all your chargers and cables. Try using jumbo binder clips. Clip them to the end of your desk and use the ends to organize all your chargers and cables as pictured above.

 Soap Dispenser


If you’re looking for a simple and subtle DIY project to spruce up your bathroom, jazz up your soap dispenser. You can invest in a simple, clear soap dispenser and choose different items to decorate with. Try adding marbles to the bottom of the soap dispenser. You can even choose different colored marbles to match the color scheme of the room. Next, add artificial flowers to complete the look. After adding these items to the soap dispenser, fill it with a soap of your choice.

Wall Art


Another great idea is to create personalized wall art because of the sentimental flair it adds! Take some of your favorite photos and have them printed on 36 by 48-inch paper. Purchase two foam boards and split your photo into two. Wrap the photo paper around the foam boards and hang them next to each other. If you’re feeling a little artsy, try using three boards instead of two. It’s personal and a great way to give your wall extra style.

 Floating Bookshelf


If you’re looking for a way to organize all of your books without having to use up additional space, we have the perfect DIY project. Try a floating bookshelf! All you would need is a bookend and tools to drill. You’ll start off by placing the bookend on your wall. Secure it in place and you’re all set. Not only would you be maximizing space, but these “floating” bookshelves are great wall decorations! Check out these DIY bookend shelves.

DIY projects are always a great way to start off your new year. Try some of these projects on your own or bring the whole family in on the fun. Let us know some of your favorite DIY home projects in the comments below.

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