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Breakfast Items On The Go

Breakfast Items On The Go

If you’re like me, you make it a point to never miss breakfast. Breakfast to me, as cliche as it sounds, really helps with my day. It keeps me focused, productive, and happy. Shout out to all the grumps out there when there’s no food!

Many of us are always on the go, so it makes sense we find ourselves without the healthy fuel to kickstart our day. We get it, so we’ve jotted down a quick roundup of 4 breakfast items you can take with you. 

Toast and Avocado


If we had the option to pick foods as friends, these two would be my best. To quote the famous Oprah, “I love bread!” And because the obsession with avocado for me lives on, I tend to eat it with everything. Avocado pairs nicely with a piece of toast (white bread, wheat bread, rye bread–whatever tickles your fancy). Grab a slice with your avocado on top, and go!

Waffles and Peanut Butter


Here’s another pair to get the energy and endorphins up for your Monday morning wake-up call! Waffles and peanut butter are so simple and delicious, you’ll ask yourself over and over again why you never thought of this sooner. Whatever brands you choose, or even if you make them the night before, enjoy the ease of this breakfast item, packed with a good mix of carbs and protein.

Scrambled Eggs


Now I know what you’re thinking– I have to cook? Here’s the deal. Life’s a game of ‘give and take’. Another fun fact everyone knows, scrambled eggs take no more than 5 minutes to make. This morning I whipped up three eggs and added in mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, (and avocado of course) and called it a day. Definitely safe to eat on the go.

Protein Smoothies

This may or may not appeal to the average human, but for those that it does appeal to–have at it! There’s no direction needed here but just envision how much time you save by pouring yourself a glass of milk and a couple scoops of your elected protein powder. Mix up a protein shake in your world and you can already sense the productivity creeping through. Wise decision too, I may add!

If you’re still reading this now, this means you clearly have enough time to whip up all 4 of these quick and easy breakfast items. Check them out for yourself and let us know which ones are your favorites.

If you’ve got a minute or two to spare, see how you can substitute other staple ingredients for healthier ones here!

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