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April Fools’: Where did it come from?

April Fools’: Where did it come from?

April Fools’ is a widely celebrated ‘silly’ holiday most of us recognize. We often prank, joke, and cause minor ruckuses throughout the day. I was curious as to where this day originated, as you don’t hear too many details regarding its origin. Here are 8 facts I gathered about April Fools’!

  • April Fools’ is originally traced back to a Pope.
  • April Fool’s is often regarded as the end of winter and the beginning of spring.
  • April Fool’s was the perfect occasion for role reversal–If you were a servant, you could become a master for a day; if you were a child, more power to you to challenge authority!
  • This clever ‘holiday’ if you will, took notice in the 1700’s. It was during this time practical jokes really took a front seat for the celebration of pranks.
  • It’s possible April Fools’ could have begun in 1582. It was said to have been initiated due to a switch in calendars between the French.
  • A noted April Fools’ hoax involved BBC reporting Swiss farmers harvesting spaghetti noodles from trees–Talk about pranking your audience.
  • In 1998, Burger King joined in on the fun, marketing a “Left-Handed Whopper” for sale. Needless to say, customers fell for this sneaky ploy.
  • April Fools’ is also referred to as All Fools’ Day.

April Fools'

With all that said, no wonder most people still keep this shindig going! It’s all fun and games, at least until noon.

What are some of your favorite holidays you like to celebrate? Share with us!

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