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5 Alternative Ways to Volunteer

5 Alternative Ways to Volunteer

If someone were to ask you why you don’t volunteer or give back, what do you usually say? Are you too busy and don’t have time? Are you too tired after work to do anything? Or is it simply not something you’re interested in? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you aren’t alone.

Those are the top three reasons most people don’t volunteer. What if I were to tell you there are 5 great alternative ways to volunteer that don’t take much time or effort, and can be fun?

1. Volunteer Virtually

Volunteer virtually as alternative ways to volunteering

With this option, you won’t need to leave the comfort of your own home. Web sites like Skills for Change and Volunteer Match offer ways to give back virtually. Are you a social media guru or super tech savvy? Volunteer your skills!

Not tech savvy? That’s okay! There are options for everyone such as teen crisis outreach or simply helping someone sell something on eBay. If you can work a computer, there’s something for you.

2. Donate

donating clothes as an alternative ways to volunteer

Donating is the easiest way to give back and it doesn’t always have to be in the form of money. Cleaning out your closet? Don’t throw that stuff away, donate it!

Is there a charity you are passionate about but don’t have time to volunteer? That’s fine. Ask them what supplies they use on a daily basis and they can give you a list of items you can purchase and donate. Zealous Good is a website that’s perfect for this.

3. One for One Products

I’m sure by now you have heard of one for one products, Toms shoes anyone? Not only are you purchasing something you need, but also giving back in the process. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to go shopping? Below are a few more companies with the one for one business model that I personally love.

4. Donate with One Click

Did you know you could donate to a worthy cause without giving money or tangible objects? Simply by clicking a button online, you can help those in need. Web sites like Care2 and The Breast Cancer Site offer these buttons. With every click, you generate funding to that cause. The funds are paid for by sponsors whose ads appear after you click.

donate rice by clicking as an alternative ways to volunteer

Other options like Freerice.com has you play a vocabulary game. For each round you get correct, you donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger. How awesome is that?

5. Donate your voice

donate your voice to VolcalID as an alternative ways to volunteer

This option has to be my favorite out of the five. VocaliD is a website that gives back to those who rely on computerized voices to speak. It not only gives them an outlet to express themselves, it gives them a unique identity all their own.

With the help of speech donors and cutting-edge voice blending technology, VocaliD can craft a vocal identity that is both authentic and understandable. This eliminates the computerized sound.

Now you officially have no excuse to the question, “Why don’t you volunteer?”.  I hope these 5 options motivate you to make a change and do something in the world of giving back. Who knew the littlest bit of effort could go so far? And who knew it could actually be fun!

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