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Five Activities to Be More Green

Five Activities to Be More Green

With Earth Day around the corner, now’s the time to do your part. Try these 5 small, yet impactful ways to be more green…


shop at the farmers market to be green

You are not only buying fresh organic food, but also supporting small local business. Also, there’s nothing better than fresh produce that’s come straight from the farm, and not the store.

plant an herb garden to be more green

Whether big or small, fresh herbs will be readily available for you and your family’s meals. Plus, this will save you money when it comes to grocery shopping!

ride your bike on the weekend to be more green

Whenever possible, ride your bike. Save gas (and the environment) and save a few more pennies in your bank account! Extra bonus: you can enjoy the fresh air while getting a great exercise.

be more green and clean your neighborhood park

Protect your parks, and make your local park a better place for the community to enjoy. Your neighbors will thank you!

be more green and do a home energy audit

Try this DIY home energy audit. Visit the website to find a great way to perform a DIY home energy audit. You might be surprised by your results.

What do you do to be more green?

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