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9 Phoenix Restaurants You Need To Try Today

9 Phoenix Restaurants You Need To Try Today

Personally, I love to try new restaurants all the time. Who doesn’t love food? I’ve created a list for all the Phoenix foodies out there, or anyone interested in trying some of the best restaurants Phoenix has to offer. Enjoy! 

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About Author: Sylvia

Sylvia is the new Content Editor at Waypoint Homes. Her passion for communications began in middle school where she would create and upload slideshows to YouTube. Sylvia loves to travel, eat Spanish food and dancing! Sylvia hopes to use all of her vacation time on planning new trips, visiting new countries and creating new experiences. When she is not doing all of the many activities above you can find her with her friends or hiking a mountain.

4 comments on “9 Phoenix Restaurants You Need To Try Today”

  1. Elias Thompson

    Great adventure

  2. Natan fields

    CIBO has the best margarita pizza in Phoenix or anywhere else I’ve eaten it. it helps that the place itself is wonderful in terms of location and service. Basically, it has everything people may want, and it has a well-deserved reputation.
    I’m very particluar about pizza, so I’ve searched for a decent pizza restaurant in Phoenix for a long time and very thoroughly.
    So I can vouch for what I find. I’d actually like to read about pizza from you and compare the findings.

  3. Isaac

    Best Thai Food is at Thai Lotus on 19th Ave and Glendale! Sally the owner is amazing!

    • waypointhomes

      Hi Issac,

      Thank you for sharing that suggestion! We have not been there yet, but we do love us some thai food! We’ll have to check it out.

      Waypoint Homes


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