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7 DIY Projects For Wine-Lovers You Need To Try

7 DIY Projects For Wine-Lovers You Need To Try

Calling all lovers of wine! We’ve got the perfect list of ways to up-cycle those leftover bottles!

Wine Bottle Candles



Put together a little elbow grease, chemistry, and cold water – and what do you have? A wine candle container! Use it as a candle holder for a votive style candle, OR pour your own with a candle-making kit!

Lights In A Bottle



These gorgeous bottle lights are the perfect way to set the mood in your home after a long day. Place together clusters of bottles in different shapes and sizes for a truly eclectic ambiance!

Rustic Décor



If you’re looking to up the décor game around your home, look no further than these rustic twine-wrapped bottles – which add a sweet, customizable, and ever-popular farmhouse feel to your space.

Modern Colorful “Vases”



Turn white wine bottles into these stunning, modern “vases” in just a few quick steps. Mix it up with a variety of shapes and sizes and use colors that compliment the accents of your room!

Coastal “Sea Glass” Bottles



Bright, airy beach-themed spaces are competing for the #1 spot in popular decorating trends this season – and for good reason! These stunning sea glass bottles remind us of days spent on a sandy beach with the warm sun and salty air. Learn to make them here!

Holiday Themed Centerpieces



Whether it’s the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving, it’s never too early to start planning for your next holiday celebration! Grab your empty wine bottles, some paint, and a few faux floral pieces and impress your guests with your cleverly themed décor!

Decorative Decoupage Bottles



For a quirky, eclectic look that pays tribute to your favorite hobbies, books, and travels, opt for these unique decoupage bottles! Use a map from your trip to Paris or a page from your favorite childhood novel. Learn how here!

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