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Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

Are your kids home for summer vacation and already camped out on the couch?

Try these 5 ways to beat summer boredom and keep your kids busy this summer – without resulting to the TV or computer!

1. Camping

looking for ways to beat summer boredom? try camping

Sitting inside staring at a screen all day can stop us from getting out to appreciate nature. Teach your kids survival skills and how to brave the elements by taking them camping. Camping is an inexpensive vacation option that can not only give us a break from technology, but also gives us the opportunity to bring our families closer together. Recreation is a great resource to find a campsite destination close to you.

Can’t make a camping trip? Then bring the campground to you with these 5 Steps for the Perfect Backyard Campout

2. Homemade ice cream

make ice cream at home as a ways to beat summer boredom

Stay busy inside while keeping out of the heat. Homemade ice cream is a fun project to keep your kids active, as well as familiar with the kitchen. Most recipes can be made with just a few simple ingredients. Check out Real Simple Food’s Recipes to get yourself started.

3. Road trip

road trips are great ways to beat summer boredom

Road tripping is a great way to get out of the house and soak up some American culture. Disconnect from life at work and catch up with what’s been going on with your loved ones. Discover new destinations off the beaten path that you wouldn’t get to see traveling by plane. Some of the best family memories can be made out on the open road.

4. Volunteer

volunteering as ways to beat summer boredom

What better way to get out of the house and teach life skills than to take your kids to volunteer? Volunteering can be a rewarding and personally fulfilling way to step outside of our own lives to help others. More down time during summer vacation makes it the perfect time to get involved in a local program. There are tons of different places you can find to volunteer that suit a wide range of interests. Are you a dog lover? Then contact your local animal shelter to see about volunteer opportunities! Or maybe you like to read to children? In that case, reach out to a children’s hospital or homeless shelter and ask about volunteering your time. Whatever you choose to do, make it meaningful to you!

5. Create a Scavenger Hunt

create scavenger hunts as ways to beat summer boredom

Get your kids up and out of the house on a quest to answer the clues! Invite the neighbors to participate too and turn it into a friendly competition. Scavenger hunts can be themed (think nature clues) or location based – the more fun the questions, the better it will be!

Need help putting together a list? Check out this Scavenger Hunt List to get started!

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