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5 Tools To Keep Your Life Organized

5 Tools To Keep Your Life Organized

Key hooks

Let’s pause and take a deep breath…now, think back to a time you woke up late in the morning and couldn’t find your car keys. Remember that little mini-heart attack feeling? When you had a quick premonition that you might get fired from a job or dropped from a class…for being late that ONE LAST TIME?

Okay, let’s pause and take another deep breath…this time just to relax…because there’s a solution…key hooks. When you always have somewhere to put something, they’re bound to be in the same place every time. Am I right? Mount some on the wall and everyone in the house can have that special somewhere.

Shoe Rack

There’s another item (well I guess ITEMS? But whatever…) that brings back that mini-heart attack all over again, SHOES. Remember that time you had a job interview you prepared for all week or had that soccer game you practiced for all season? You were so mentally prepared, already visualizing your victory…until…you bent down to tie your shoe and looked down. Suddenly, your eyes widened and your heart raced because you only had ONE shoe to tie! Okay, let’s calm down again because here’s another MUST-NEED, a shoe rack. Not only will it help you keep those pairs together, it’ll keep ALL your shoes in the same place.


Everyone’s had one, but no one dares to speak of it (*queue classic horror movie music here*). You know what I’m talking about, don’t act like you haven’t had the “chair.” You know…that one covered with the button-up you just threw when you got off work, that somehow just keeps attracting a different piece of clothing EVERY SINGLE DAY. That chair you bought that said “office ergonomic” but transformed into some type of mutant, reverse laundry basket. The one you saw every day and thought, I’ll clean it up tomorrow and tomorrow never seemed to happen.

It’s not too late, there’s a way to redeem yourself, go to the store and get some hangers. Organize your clothes (in your closet!) by color AND type. After that; never treat your poor, innocent chair like that again.

Cable Ties & Holders

Have you ever had to charge your phone or pick up your headphones and ended up in a labyrinth of cords you had to untangle? A moment where you felt like the cords became snakes, that suddenly all looked the same and you had to risk looking Medusa straight in her eyes just to separate them?

You could’ve avoided this you know…if you just had some cable ties and cable holders. The cable ties will keep the cables you need together, together (think back of the TV or desktop computer). The cable holder will keep things like your precious phone charger separate so you don’t have to pick it out of crowd every time your phone hits 1%.

Mason Jars

Okay, no more stories to make you sleep with the light on, I promise. Let’s end this list with some nifty MASON JARS, the most versatile tool on the list. You can use them to organize spices in a fun, decorative way to brighten up your kitchen. Throw all your extra coins in one and watch your savings build over a few weeks. However, my personal favorite is filling them with smoothies in the morning and taking them on the go. Their tight seals make them great for storing food! It’s up to you, you can use them to organize anything that’ll fit!

Tell us about some of your favorite organization tools or funny organization stories in the comments below!

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