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5 Tips for the Cheap Decorator

5 Tips for the Cheap Decorator

Your space is just that—yours. You sleep here, eat, have guests over…the list goes on. It only makes sense to decorate and appreciate the work of art you created. We sometimes associate décor with expensive items, but did you know it is possible to decorate on a budget? I can make you a believer with 5 easy tips here!

Invest in a variety of bargain stores

be a nify decorator by bargain shopping

This may sound difficult, but the idea is to look for stores with multiple locations so you’re never out of luck. Top picks on my end are Ross, T.J Maxx Home Goods, and Marshalls. These gems are everywhere! You can score excellent finds at remarkable prices at any given time.


be a bargain decorator by reorganizing often

Reorganizing is a great way to execute cheap decorating. The best thing about it, is there’s no purchasing involved. Simply rearrange furniture, reposition a few picture frames, and voila, you have a cool new vibe! It takes a couple tries to get the exact presence you’re looking for, but with time, it will get there.

Make something

be a bargain decorator and make your own crafts!

If you’ve got the creative bug, let’s put it into practice! Pinterest is no stranger to us and there are always inspiring new pins to work off of. Search ‘cheap decorating’ for exciting new pieces you can incorporate at home. The beauty of Pinterest is it molds to every home. You can personalize!

New lighting fixtures

be a bargain decorator by playing with light fixtures

This tip from HGTV, I found genius. Slight changes can make for noticeable changes. Look into an assortment of bulbs, watts, fixtures, etc, for a fun take on a room.

Current items for new uses

be a bargain decorator and use items for different rooms

I like the idea of renovation. Just because you can’t use one item in one room, doesn’t mean this applies to the next room. Try a curtain that failed in the living room, in the bedroom! Seeing is believing so you might appreciate a feature better in one area than another.

Cheap decorating is skillful decorating. It takes time and some effort, so have fun doing it. There’s no permanency to these tips, so I encourage you to try it out in your home!

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