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5 Productivity Hacks For Life

5 Productivity Hacks For Life

We’re still in holiday season and life is more than likely a tad hazy with busy schedules, family visits, and last minute work projects. It’s sometimes hard to remain productive through it all.

When you start to lose focus, sneak any one of these 5 hacks to stabilize your productivity levels.



Let’s get started with naps. The word probably implies something quite child-like, but many of us could actually use them. It doesn’t necessarily have to extend beyond 1-2 hours. Simply take about 10-20 minutes of rest. Resting your eyes will do your body and your mind some good as relaxation is a perfect way to get your focus levels back on track.



Take a quick, little stroll to the break room, kitchen, upstairs or even outside. Taking a walk is effective for increasing productivity because it gives you a chance to step away from your task and get your mind off strenuous activities. By the time you come back to tackle it, you’ve probably gained some positive perspective fit to complete the given task. Set a reminder if you can to take at least 5 minutes to walk around if you’re feeling a bit distracted.

Eat Some Fruit


I picked fruits because it is probably a better option over the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies you have on your counter. It’s normal to have snack cravings when you’re feeling distracted. Opt for some fruit so you can get your sugar fix and a quick break. With some good food in your system, you can now handle whatever life throws at you (no promises, but at least it helps).

To Do Lists


*Sigh* My favorite. To do lists are great because using it is the epitome of staying on track. If you take some time to jot down what you need to accomplish in the day, you’ll be more inclined to take care of those items. Whether you decide to invest in a journal, planner or post-it notes, you reign supreme in the organizational category.

Challenge yourself


Here’s where we really put some work into it. Challenge yourself to stay productive by adhering to the 20-minute rule. You get the ultimate discipline with this because you keep yourself in check. Try focusing on said task for the allotted time and see if that makes a difference. It will at least spark a move in the right direction, right?

Think you’re ready for some full-fledged productivity with this quick guide? Test it out here!

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