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5 Perfect Plants For The Home

5 Perfect Plants For The Home

It’s no secret indoor plants have a simple yet eye-catching way of brightening up space — not to mention the calming ambiance fresh plants bring to any room.

In addition to adding an airy, decorative touch, houseplants come with a ton of air-purifying benefits, like increasing oxygen levels and reducing toxic emissions in your home.

But for all those folks who think caring for plants requires tons of time and dedication, this list is for you! These five foolproof houseplants are perfect for those who may have more of a brown thumb than a green one.

Golden Pothos


Pothos is one of the most common houseplants – and for good reason. Their lush appearance and fast-growing vines make for a simple way to add a splash of life to any room. Pothos will survive in almost any range of light and only requires water sparingly, about once every 7-10 days.

Snake Plant


Sometimes referred to as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’, the snake plant contributes a clean and contemporary ambiance to your space. Use as tabletop décor or let it flourish as a potted floor plant since it can easily grow up to 4 feet tall in low or bright lights. Water once every few weeks.

Fiddle Leaf Fig


A favorite among modern designers, the fiddle leaf fig is a house tree with large, dark leaves. Simply place it in indirect sunlight and allow the soil to dry out between watering (once every 10 days or so).

Aloe Vera


Aloe adds a beautiful touch to kitchens and naturally lit bathrooms, with its quiet elegance and straight leaves (which, by the way, are known for their regenerative aloe juice). Allow the soil to dry out between watering, but water thoroughly all the way through when you do.



The dracaena is one of the most forgiving houseplants, requiring very little attention. It tolerates low light, low humidity, and only needs a little water every several weeks. Over the years, you can grow dracaena into a house tree (reaching up to 6 feet tall) or keep it trimmed down as a table top plant.

So are you ready to try out your green thumb? Let us know how your houseplants do! Share your photos on social media with the tag #WaypointHomes to show off your greenery!

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