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5 Nifty Items for the House

5 Nifty Items for the House

It’s your first week in your new home. You’re in the kitchen, stirring up some soup, clearly whipping up something good. You step away to chop some carrots, so you need to set your ladle down. Wouldn’t a ladle holder come in handy at that moment?  Unfortunately, there’s none in sight.

It’s common; there are just certain things we forget to purchase when we move in. Here are some nifty items for every room of the house, to make your transition easier.

1. A pair of scissors for the KITCHEN

ktichen scissors are nifty items to have in the kitchen

Kitchen scissors should be a staple because they will become a necessity. You never know when you might need to chop up some fruit, cut up some meat, or hack a few herbs. The perfect set of shears slices your meals into place.

2. Air fresheners for the LIVING ROOM

air fresheners are nifty items to have in the living room

Want a sure way to welcome your guests? Plug in a sweet-smelling aroma. This guarantees a calm, enjoyable environment for you and your guests. Your visitors will thank you for it, and you’ll snag yourself delicious scents for every season.

3. A food tray for the BEDROOM

food trays are nifty items to have in the bedroom

Now, this may sound unnecessary, but eating in the comfort of your own bed is a sure way to take part in ultimate relaxation time. It’s just like room service!

4. A toilet paper rack for the BATHROOM

toilet paper racks are nifty items to have in the bathroom

A toilet paper rack is not only key for presentation purposes, but it is also a nifty item that stores the many rolls shoved under bathroom cabinets and closets. Pick a nice-looking, yet practical rack to add some character. Bathrooms deserve organization too.

5. A pair of flip-flops for the BACKYARD

flip-flops are nifty items to keep in the backyard

You want to keep your home clean, so we encourage a pair of flip-flops be stored in your backyard. These come in handy when you need to step outside to take out the trash.  You avoid dirt, save time and preserve your clean home.

Take a stab at these tips and incorporate any one of these handy items in your home!

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