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DIY Winter Edition: 5 Natural Moisturizers For Dry Skin

DIY Winter Edition: 5 Natural Moisturizers For Dry Skin

If you’re like most people in the United States, then dry, cracked skin is synonymous with the cold winter months.

Unless you live in one of the few states with mild, balmy winters (looking at you, Florida), then finding the perfect, natural moisturizer to repair and renew chapped skin can be a challenge.

But not to worry – we’ve got the lowdown on the good stuff! Here’s what you need to know to patch up your skin the au natural way this winter.

Good old fashioned coconut oil

Dry Skin

Not only is this the miracle emollient of the century, but coconut oil also goes above and beyond to heal and hydrate. Slather it on your face, knees, hands, elbows, and any other place that may need it. Watch your skin drink it up in no time!

Refined shea butter

Dry Skin

Hailing from the African shea tree, this moisturizer lives up to its buttery name with a complex concentration of fatty acids and natural vitamins. It’s extremely nourishing for dehydrated skin. Although shea butter may be too heavy for some faces, it’s the perfect deep moisturizer for the driest extremities.

Olive oil

Dry Skin

More than just a cooking staple, olive oil has nourishing oleic properties that would make even the most flawless skin thirst for more. When applied to the face or body, olive oil will make a dramatic impact by penetrating deep and restoring skin. The beauty of this is you also escape without a heavy overload of residue.

Castor oil

Dry Skin

One of the lesser known oils in the beauty world, castor oil reigns supreme when it comes to replacing dryness with ultra-hydrating, sponge-like moisture. A few drops are all you need to fill your pores with this nourishing, antimicrobial moisturizer.

DIY moisture blend

Dry Skin

Feel like you’ve tried them all and want the combined benefits of every oil? Then grab a microwave-safe bowl and melt together your preferred oils in 30-second bursts. We recommend a combination of at least 60% hard oils, like coconut or shea butter, with 40% liquid oils in order to create a creamy, butter-like emulsion. Feel free to add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to give your moisturizer that extra custom quality.

Once all is melted into a transparent liquid, pour into a beauty jar like this and allow to thicken for 24 hours. Who needs expensive store-bought chemical products when you’ve got a natural custom moisturizer?

Have suggestions for other oils we can use as moisturizers? Let us know below!

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