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5 Kid-Friendly Projects To Complete At Home

5 Kid-Friendly Projects To Complete At Home

Who doesn’t love a crafty and creative project to complete at home? We’re breaking apart a few simple, kid-friendly projects to help you include your little ones! Take a stab at these engaging tasks below.



For all the Monet’s in the home, this one’s for you. Gather your little one(s), paint palettes, paper and brushes, and get to work. Painting is not only therapeutic for the adults in the family, but it’s also innovative and inspiring for the kiddos at home. This project is truly ideal for any age, and as a bonus, you’ll conjure up creative pieces to hang up in your abode. Be sure to set aside the perfect space to avoid the unsightly mess.

Puzzles…Giant Ones


Giant puzzle pieces work well for the kids because it’s stimulating and fun. Embrace the brain work they’re getting with a couple puzzle pieces you can find here. These are excellent at-home projects because it helps them feel productive and engaged. My niece gets a kick out of solving what she deems to be the world’s greatest problems (in cardboard form), so I happily extend the idea to try in your household!

Handmade Gifts


Talk about the perfect bonding time for you and yours. Get the kids involved with this quick project and you’re on your way to saving an extra buck or two. Handmade gifts are a clever way to orchestrate the perfect present. Birthday cards take no time at all and give your child ample time to create and motivate. Save a couple to hand out for any special occasion or add to their collection of home projects. It also makes for sentimental (or hilarious) memories to look back on.

DIY’s…with a purpose


Next, we have a DIY. Now, I’m sure every DIY serves a purpose in your home, but this one’s catered to the kids. Check out a little ‘inspo’ I stumbled across. It’s the water bottle piggy bank. If that doesn’t make you and your kids save, then I don’t know what will. Challenge your ‘mini me’s to the perfect DIY creation with this easy and incentivizing mission. It also makes for a crafty décor piece to add to your home!

Bake Those Treats!


Finally, we’re getting all the kids involved in the kitchen — where all the flavorful magic happens. Enlist the help of your angels by using those helpful hands. Cookies and cakes are the perfect projects to reward your family members. No further description needed other than getting the bowl, flour, and pans!

Get the whole clan involved with these simple tasks. Reap the benefits of these kid-friendly home ventures and let us know if you discover other helpful ideas!

Once you get them up and active in the house, try taking them outdoors or to volunteer!

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